My sites are down, so the layout is as well. Hopefully it'll be back up soon, if not, I'll bother James (who's my fantastic and amazing host) about them. He likes being bothered, deep down.

Ah, looks like his site is down as well. Well, that stinks. I hope it's not a serious problem. Maybe I broke it, I'm good at that.

Speaking of breaking things, people have moved into my old apartment (that's the one, for those of you who aren't up to date on this story, that I moved out after four years of living there because the sinks didn't drain, the roof was leaking, the waterheater had exploded all over the garage, the landlady was storing things in my house, the fridge had two inches of ice all over it, the heaters never turned off so I had to disconnect them (or pay a nearly 200 dollar power bill), my water was constantly being used to water other peoples yards AND they flooded my house twice, and there was a termite problem) and are now buying ice and using coolers to store food because the fridge finally died, and the landlady won't buy a new one. The sinks aren't draining as well.

Yes, I know gossiping is a sin, but I do find it really interesting that while I was living there everything was passive-aggressively blamed on me (although I'm not sure how her daughter not paying rent is my fault, or the yard guy not coming and doing the landscaping on time, but both were blamed on me at one point) yet I haven't lived there for almost a year now, and the same problems still exist.

I don't wish any ill on her, and I do hope that the problems right themselves. I would have been the first to say so if the problems there had been my fault, it's just nice in a vindictive and petty sort of way to get confirmation that they really weren't, even if I already knew it.


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