The BBQ went pretty well. There wasn't as many kids there as I was told would be, but it was fun...well, as much fun as you can have with hot dogs as the main course anyway.

Five minutes before class was done, one of the kids fell on top of her sister, and knocked her sisters baby tooth out with her butt. Stuff like that, it takes talent. The younger girl was fine, she was more upset over the blood then she was over actually getting a tooth popped out of her head (by her sisters backside, no less).

They finally started implementing other features of the Youth Program. I now officially (again) no longer have children ages 12 and up, because they go to a separate class. This makes me both sad, and glad. Sad because I created my program to cater to all ages, so everyone had a good time. All my kids (yes, I refer to them as mine) get along and are real friends, so it'll be sad to not have that interaction anymore. Plus, the older kids are a riot.

Glad shouldn't even need to be explained.

Next week I'm going to see if the teacher of the older kids class will get together with me once a month to talk about the youth programs. Also, I want to see if she'll implement the dollar program (I think having the same rewards program through all classes is a good idea) and wants to merge classes on days we have events and stuff (like our Halloween Harvest and Christmas Parties, and the opening of the YCC Store, which is Halloween as well).

Hopefully she's cool with this, otherwise the hundreds of dollars the kids have saved up over the last year are all going to go to waste. Plus, they'll be disappointed, they've really been looking forward to it and really like getting the dollars. It's the only reason they come really, Lord knows it's not because I'm any fun.

Haiku for You:

Summer can be cruel.
Oh, angry yellow jackets
Stinging my ankles.

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