The other day I took my sister school shopping. To the mall. I hate the mall, it's crowded and smelly and full of people's children who are generally obnoxious. They also smell, and take things out of your cart in the department stores, pull stuff off shelves and systematically place it in your path so you're trapped while they run around in circles yelling and touch you with their sticky fingers.

On the way to the Mall of Evil, I was stung twice in the bend of my right arm by a very angry wasp. It definitely did not help me like the idea of going to the mall. After the swelling went down, I was left with two dime size bruises that hurt. I think this alone was a good enough reason to get out of going to the mall, but it didn't work. I was forced to go anyway, because I promised.

Psha. A promise. Who keeps those now days? If our President doesn't, then I definitely don't have to.

While we were there, some guy drove by and quacked at us out his passenger window. Does anyone know what the significance of someone quacking at you is? Besides, you know, senility.

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