The fact that a pair of small nail clippers for a dog ended up costing me nearly $13.00 really bothers me. It's a pair of nail clippers! It makes it even more sore because I already have a pair, I just can't find the dang things. I think someone stole them, just to watch me have a mild coronary in PetCo over the price of new ones.

I'm guessin the extra cost was for the super swanky non-slip handles, right? Yeah, they're important. I know I always clip my dogs nails right after I've eaten me a big bucket o'chicken, and nothings worse then cutting the nail back further then you meant to because you have greasy hands. Licking them during the process doesn't help either, just so you know.

I have to give the dog a bath tonight, and clip her nails. I'm sure this will thrill her to no end. She hates having her nails clipped worse then she does having a bath. If I go and don't come back, it's because she cleverly positioned herself in such a way that I'd trip over her and break my neck flying into the bathtub. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like a plot that overlooks water. Preferably not a sluice or a drainage ditch. If you put me near one of those, I will know, and I will have to come in all my spectral glory to visit you in the middle of the night. If you're lucky, rattling chains, but most likely, I'll just show up nude. That'll show you.

A haiku:

Dwindling summer.
Avert your eyes from the sales,
Speedos are evil.

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