So I get this in my college box this morning...

Congratulations, Jamie!

Your outstanding academic performance during spring term 2004 has
earned you a place on The President's List at Chemeketa Community

Holy frijoles. The President's List? That's like the list above the Dean's List. Wowee. I'm shocked.

I got a certificate and everything, I'm going to frame it. It's pretty, it has a blue border, and it and it's corresponding letter of Congrats say things like 'Academic Achievement', 'Two Percent of Students', and 'Proud'. Obviously they haven't caught on to that whole having smart people do my homework for me bit yet.


clicky me!

Of course, I being the sinner I am, am pretty proud of myself. I spent most of the morning giggling. It'll grant me one break on the wheel when I get to hell, but I'll worry about that when I'm cold and dead.

This definitely made up for having to deal with that collection agent jerkwad this morning. Getting this is even more gratifying then plotting that guys 'accident' that would end in gaping and oozy mortal wounds.

Wow. President's List. Yay me.

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