It's raining. This makes me a very happy little girl. The gutter drain pipe thingies are right outside my office windows, so I get to listen to them drip while it's raining. Rather then obnoxious, I find the sound oddly soothing.

Robin's off to take care of some stuff with some people, so it means I'm the only one in the office for most of the morning. Do you think I'm taking advantage of the quiet to get work done?

Of course not. I'm not doing a darn thing. I'm being completely lazy. Yay for worthless. These are the kind of days when I need a super cute assistant type guy to do my work for me. Maybe I'll go make some hot chocolate, rainy weather is perfect for that kind of stuff. Anyone want some?


Rain is fantastic.
People who drive in the rain,
Aren't so very much.

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