In a Project-Blog update, Digital Spam ended up making about $160 dollars for the YCC. So far I've received about $70 of that, so if the rest shows up that means I have enough to cover September and part of November. Fantastic. Thanks again to everyone who donated.

I wov you, I wov you to bits! Just don't push me off any rooftops ok?

In a weird turn of events, I liked one of our Anime's from 24-Hours-Of-Anime so much that I downloaded all of it. All being 90+ episodes of it. That, people, is nearly 17 gigs of space. I have no idea where I'm going to find the time to watch it all (however, I have managed to waste a perfectly good weekend watching nearly thirty more episodes of it) but I'll figure it out.

This is my stand against having to be 'all adult all the time'. Societies view on being an adult is bogus. Just because I'm over 18 doesn't mean I have to drop everything I enjoy and quit being myself because some person with a big pointy stick up their bum thinks I'm not 'adult' enough. I think you can be responsible, mature, educated, sophistimacated and cultured and still watch cartoons or wear your hair in piggy tails.

So there.

A small part of the donated money from Project-Blog is going towards the End of Summer Party, which is going to be an all day BBQ and annoying games type event that will be held the last weekend of August. We were supposed to do the Summer Field Trip then, but I've decided to hold off on all field trips until next March, which the spring shift starts.

Since school is starting, and with school comes eventually The Holiday Season (I know, I know, nobody even wants to think it. But it's lurking out there, and will be here very, very soon. Of course, I secretly mentioned it because I want presents), there are so many activities, parties and things that go on not only with the YCC but at the Center itself (and in personal lives) from September to really February that I think having our normal field trips in there will be just way, way too much work for me overstimulation.

Plus, in all honesty, the lack of volunteers support makes it really hard to take a large group of kids anywhere. If I could get people to drive (and lead groups) I would be more willing to do the trips through fall and winter. I understand nobody is as absolutely insane as I am, and doesn't willingly want to take twenty kids to Ripley's Believe It or Not with secretly harbored hopes that they wet themselves, but c'mon, one or two van drivers is all I ask.

Anyway, our Ta-ta to Summer's gonna be a blast. You can come if you want, just don't bring those speedos, we want to close summer on a happy note, not scar the little kiddies.

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