The Weather Man is being a tease and saying we may have a chance of showers. It's a little cloudy outside so I am totally gunning for rain. After the high 90's and low 100's we've been having lately rain would be fantastic. However, rain and then a high of 100 would be a lower rung of hell. Hear that Mister Weather Man? No humidity, or I'll have to track you down and bump you off in your sleep.

One good thing about Oregon is about the beginning to middle of October our 'rainy season' begins and we don't see sunshine again until oh, May. A lot of people (read: Californians) can't handle this and eventually move back home, cursing the grey Oregon winters. (It's the same for part of Washington too, so you can insert Washington if that's where you're from or at, if you'd like) I once read that on average this part of Oregon only gets 80 days of sun a year. That's excluding partly cloudy, but I guess if clouds are over the sun it's not sunny, right?

Ah, I love it.

The haiku of the day:

I wish it would rain.
I promise no Commando,
Like I did last time.

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