Robin and I share an office. We sit, oh, maybe five feet away from each other. (More so on bad days, or days she hasn't showered. Thinking on it, I am awfully lucky she doesn't read this thing. If she did, knowing my luck, I'd show up to get some work done and there would be peanut butter smeared in my CD drive or something.) And yet, even though we are within smacking distance of one another, we still find it necessary to use Instant Messaging for worthless garbage such as this (keep in mind she was doing research for a CET course she's writing):

Robin: Prior to 9:00 is breakfast, getting dressed, cleaning the kitchen up, etc...
9:00 - Bible time, Sign Language Practice, Phonics
9:30 - Break for chores/playtime
10:00 - Readiness skills, Writing, Arithmetic
10:30- Break for chores/playtime
11:00 - Reading/Poetry Mom reads orally, Children have "quiet" sit-time with a book
11:30 - PE, Science/Health, Social Studies, Music We rotate Science/Health
'Skyte: Bible Time!
'Skyte: Why don't we have Bible Time Mommy?
Robin: This is what you should be doing
Robin: Because you are very bad and God does not want you.
'Skyte: That's ok, Hell sounds like fun anyway!

She's not in here now. Actually, I have no idea where she went, and the sixty some odd messages saying things like "Slacker" and "Get back to work woman" have gone completely unanswered. The nerve of some people.

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