The fact that Dead Like Me was canceled further proves to me that the current people in charge of running television stations have no clue what is good television. I now only watch one show, which is Lost. I also used to watch Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (The fact that Dominic Monaghan is in both of those series is a complete coincidence, honest) but Mystery! isn't showing it right now. So, it's just Lost. Not that I've got time for T.V. but damn, give a girl some options besides Big Man On Campus and The O.C.

I swear, someone should let me run a T.V. Station, preferably while I'm Queen of the World, everyone would watch it because I would run only good stuff. No more Rock Hard Adenoids infomercials at three in the afternoon on a Saturday, no sir. I'll show only good stuff. What would be your ideal programming on a T.V. station? We're all about customer feedback here in Jamieland.

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