I just got the best birthday present ever. Ever, ever, ever. Even better then the DVD player I coveted until someone finally got the hint and bought it for me. I have no DVDs but that is really besides the point. I have a player now. It's tiny and silver and cute.

Anyway, the best present ever. Check it out:

32683 CG100 Preparing for College A

33570 CG101 Planning College Finances A

34381 CG225 4-Year College Transition A

30603 HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life A

34720 WR122 Eng Composition-Logic & Style/Argumentive Writing A

30646 ZOO101 General Zoology A

I'm stoked. Waiting for grades is killer. I was really worried Zoology would be a B, because I didn't know the grade of the Final or the last big project/presentation we did. I know to a lot of people it's no big deal, but it's a big deal to me. I'll probably have a complete mental breakdown the first time I get a B and they'll have to institutionalize me, but for now...YAY!

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