It's almost time for cooking baking. This year I'm making Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread Men, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lemon bars, and Lime bars. I was going to mix the Lemon and Lime bars but I was told that if I did that, I'd be eating Christmas dinner outside with the cats this year. Nobody has any sense of adventure anymore.

I love baking, and I like baking sweets the best, even though I'm not a big sweet eater. In fact, I hate cake and really can't stand cookies. This last part is odd, because I obsess over cookies all the time, and collect cookie paraphernalia. Cutters, presses, jars, posters. I'm sure I've got some kind of sickness.

Shockingly, this post has a point. I'm looking for your favorite cookie recipes, especially for gingerbread. I've found that I don't like how most gingerbread recipes turn out. I'd like, if possible, a recipe for softer, more sensitive gingerbread man, instead of the hard brittle ones that won't let you spend their dough and want you to wear dresses around the house because that's what a good little woman does. Dresses, bah. So, hurry hurry and get me your favorite recipes `cause time, it is arunnin' out.

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