Finally managed to get into Blogger to post. It's like trying to hussle my way into Fort Knox, or a bar. People always think I'm underage. Maybe it's because I sound like a six year old.

I finished up the majority of my Christmas shopping today. I have a list of the final few things I need that I'll go out and get next week. One includes a birthday present for my brother, I'd say what he's getting but he reads this sporadically, and what fun would that be? I don't want him to find out I bought him Pet Fat like that.

While we're on the subject of shopping. Why do people spit? I saw six people spit today while I was shopping. It's disgusting, spitting. I'll just be walking along and all of the sudden someone ahead of me just hocks it up and spits, right on the ground, right where people walk. It wigs me out worse then brushing your teeth in the kitchen does, or eating in the bathroom.

Of course, since it bothers me someone upstairs is making me see people spitting everywhere. Shopping, on campus outside, on campus inside, outside of resturants, out their car windows. It makes me dry heave, seriously. I see girls do it more then I see guys do it too. What's up with that? It's not ladylike! Didn't their parents teach them to do that into a toilet or a tissue? Stupid spitters, make them spit in a cup and drink it, that's what I'll do. It's just....blahlahahahahhew.

The HotD:

Shopping is lovely.
People who spit while they shop,
Are not so lovely.

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