For those of you who weren't around last year at this time, let me fill you in about Santa. Santa is an honorary member of my cities fire department. Aren't you impressed? Every year he rides around town on a big shiny red firetruck and waves while he gives out candy canes to kids (and adults, if you ask for them...erm, not that I do or anything). He also yacks on a big blow horn, cajoling all the kids to be good these last few days before Christmas.

"Come on out!" He yells repeatedly in an extremely overexcited tone, which makes me kind of glad he only comes around once a year. "Come see Santa and get a candy cane! I hope you come out to meet me!" Then of course all the little kids rush out of their house to meet him, but then stop dead when they actually see him and hide behind their parents legs. He's taller in person, you know. It takes all sorts of bribery to get the kids to let go and actually take the candy cane. That Santa, he's an intimidating man. Also, Santa is seriously hot in a fireman suit, ok?

He's driving past my house right now, yelling "All the kids on Wolf St. come out and meet Santa!". I would take take Michael out to see him, but last year he made Michael cry, and I'm thinking taking a baby outside just to see him cry will definitely get me on the naughty list, and I really really want presents this year.


Christmas party time.

Or if you're not Christmasy,

Then movies at home.

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