Fletched from Mac at Pesky'Apostrophy:

1. Start your MP3 player.
2. Put your whole collection on random play.
3. List the first 10 songs.

1. Natalie Merchant - Jealousy

2. Bon Jovi - It's My Life

3. Sarah McLachlan - Push

4. London Symphony Orchestra - The Return to Oz Ragtime March)

5. Aretha Franklin - A Rose Is Still A Rose

6. Love Hina - Kimi Sae Ireba

7. Deep Forest - Media Luna

8. Dave Matthews Band - Where Are You Going

9. Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

10. Mediaeval Baebes - Dance of the Trolls

Proof that I listen to weird stuff. Yesterday had no HotD, because yesterday I misplaced my last marble. Today however, my marble has been found and returned to it's rightful place no worse for ware - albeit a tad dusty - and I'm all better. So...


Giving away disks.
I always worry because,
Who knows what's on them.

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