I spent a couple hours yesterday decorating the blasphemous 4 1/2 foot fake Christmas tree that has been designated as the childrens yesterday. I set it up in the library, which also is located on a very long balcony type room on the second floor of the building.

Personally I think fake trees are an abomination before whatever divine entity was sub-contracted to come up with the design for trees, and they smell like plastic butt, there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. Unless I sneak in at 3 A.M. wearing my commando jammies and swap it for a new one, and that would really excert far too much energy, so I'll just let it go.

This year it was decorated with multi-colored lights and mini-stuffed animals. Next year I'm thinking of doing a snowman theme, that is of course if I don't get fired in between now and then. This is always a possibility. We're doing another Secret Santa, I decided to make paper ornaments they fill out and put on the tree, and then they can slyly take someone elses off the tree and nobody'll know. Of course, it won't work this way, because what will really happen is they'll pick someone off the tree and run directly to whoever (whomever?) they picked using that scary kid-dar and blather "Guess who I picked!" in a tone that tells the person and everyone else within 500 yards exactly who they picked.

I could swap it around so you never put your name on it, and so nobody knows who they have, maybe they'll just have a symbol. "%! The Child formally known as" and then the rest will be scribbled out. Or maybe assign everyone a number that only they'll know. Then I'll lose everyones numbers and the presents will get all mixed up and one of the boys will end up with lip gloss or a Ryan Cabrera CD. Yeah, maybe numbers are a bad idea.

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