So in an attempt to make those of us who never win (or even get nominated) for anything feel worse, there is another new Blog Award thing out there. The BoB (Best of Blog) Awards. This one is a bit different, as it actually is aimed at giving awards to blogs who are lesser known, or not considered 'real blogs' by people who think they're real bloggers.

Categories include: Best Overall Blog (whom I nominated two people for, and will probably nominate more people for...hell, I might nominate my entire blogroll, save the people on it who were already nominated.), Best New Blog, Most humorous Blog, Biggest Blog Whore, Best Mommy Blog, Best Daddy Blog, Best Adoption/Fertility Blog, Best Book/Literary Blog, Best Sex Blog, Most inspirational Blog, Best LGTG Blog, Snarkiest Blog, Best Weight Loss/Fitness Blog, Best Education/Homeschooling Blog, Best Knitting/Craft Blog, Best Cooking/recipes Blog, Best Sports Blog, Best Music Blog, Best Photo/Poetry/Art Blog.

As you can see, they're really trying to find good blogs in categories that are often overlooked because they're not political, religious, or have a zillion readers (read: brainwashing. I'm tellin' you) Which, is nice. I hope good people win! I know who I'll be rooting for and no, I didn't nominate myself so no, it won't be me. Give me more credit then that.


Michael is a boy.
But he shops like a big girl.
Baby complex time.

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