Christmas was fantastic. It was nice and mellow, even with all the people here. Oh, and there was way way too much food. I'm pretty sure that we made enough to feed two small countries.

I received my very first DVD as a present from my older brother. I also got a frog toothbrush holder, a pair of hugging stuffed frogs, a stuffed frog that doubles as a tiny fm radio with headphones, a squishy sticky frog, and christmas decorations. I always get decorations as presents because I'm a total decoration freak, and you can see, my frog obsession is alive and kickin'. What a bunch of enablers I have in my life.

Yesterday I spent most of the day driving to Tillamook and back, in between the driving I lost horribly at a game of Monopoly. This I think is further proof that I really just need a sugar daddy, rather then trying to make my own money. I'm just no good at it.

Today, it's back to work for me. I really still wish it was Sunday, but it's not, so I have to stop dinkering around and actually get something done so I can scribble it off my never-ending list. Classes start back up in exactly one week. Where did that month go? I feel like I hardly got anything done. Now I have to buckle down and really get things completed. In the end though, I think being able to squeak over something gleefully with a black maker and have it banished from my list is almost worth the misery of working.

Bowling is the planned celebration on New Years. You can come if you want, just give me a call. Just to forewarn you, I don't plan on losing this time. Even if I have to hire Guido to hide behide the ball racks with a bat.


Oh, goodbye Christmas!
Take down all the lights now,
Before March gets here.

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