Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a very safe and fantastic New Years Eve. One not riddled with vomit and/or blood. My bowling fell through, so instead I played video games until 1 A.M. It made me feel like the slacker I never got to be in high school. I love games, but I rarely get to play them, and math is just not the same.

The last time I actually played a PS2 game was nearly a year ago. See? I am so abused. Of course, the fact that I don't own a PS2 could be a big part in it. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts because I've never played it before, and I have Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and I figured...I should play the first one before I play this one, right? Otherwise I won't know what is going on...Yeah. It sounded more convincing in my head.

Anyway, to celebrate the New Year today, I played a few more hours of Kingdom Hearts (I have the PS2 until Monday, when I promised on my firstborn child I'd return it. He hugged it before he gave it to me, so I'm pretty sure keeping it any longer then Monday is not an option. I think I would end up dead somewhere.) and then I went apartment shopping. Actually, I just wrote down numbers of complexes with apartments for rent near campus, since no rental offices are open today. I found a bunch that were totally cute, plus, I found the most adorable two bedroom house about a mile away from the college. A house. I'd love to live in a house, not just any house, but a house that is my house. More or less. I don't like apartments. It's a bit of a walk away, and I don't have a car, but walking a mile back and forth from campus is no big deal. I don't think I'll look any further then a mile in any direction though. Lancaster has major traffic and I don't want to end up road hash.

Speaking of renting and apartments, my ex-Landladies daughter came over this morning banging on the door saying she had something "extremely important to discuss with me". I was in the shower, so I didn't talk to her. So, what in the world could this uber important thing be? I don't have anything to do with her (the daughter), and anyway, the rental agreement was with her mother not her and I moved out over a year ago. I don't owe them any money - I even paid rent for months in which the apartment was (by law) inhabitable and I didn't have to pay, but did because I felt bad about it. So, who knows, but I don't really have anything to say to any of them.

Oh well. Hey, when I went to feed Kero's crickets, there were bugs in their food. How gross is that? Bugs in the bug food. I had to dump it all out. That crap is eight bucks a box too. Next time, remind me to keep it in the freezer.


Geesh. Give me a break.
Valentine's Day is far off,
What's with the stuff already?

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