My younger sister - whom it seems has also inherited my families lack of grace - broke her thumb playing Volleyball earlier today. I spent most of the rest of this afternoon assisting with trying to track down a referral from her PCG so she can go in and have surgery done within the next two days.

She snapped the tendon that holds the thumb in place, broke the bone, and sprained it (the thumb) as well. They want to put a pin in there, but she acts like they want to lop off her parts with a rusty saw and reattach lobster claws or something. I told her it would be really cool, and come in handy for opening soda bottles and cracking nuts, but she wouldn't have any of it.

We still haven't heard back from her PCG or the specialist that wants to do the surgery. I really hope they get back ahold of us soon because it's killing her. They didn't even give her tylenol. They did, however, give her a sticker. Which as I'm sure you all can agree, makes agonizing pain from a broken appendage in your dominate hand just all better. Or it would have, if I hadn't stolen it.

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