I walk to school. I walk home from school. It's really odd saying that, it's like I've been magically transported back to grade school. Except of course I don't have my cool Care Bears backpack anymore. I even have to suppress the urge to look around and make sure that there isn't anyone laying in wait to jump me for my milk money. It's weird.

I walk through a huge empty field on the way to campus and it is very desolate feeling, it's sort of like when I used to walk home from the grade school and nobody else walked the way I did. It's actually kind of nice, it gives me a chance to have some quiet time to myself.

I want my Care Bears backpack back, ok? And no, I won't trade you my cookies for your broccoli.


Today is Wednesday.
It's only 1 O'clock but,
I need a nap now.

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