Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 won't install. I get a 'Access Denied' error and then it gives me a very rude hand gesture. I've done what their help files said to do (editing registry permissions) but it still won't work. Personally, I think it's because Microsoft has a deal with computer companies to make their software erronius, thus blowing up the computer, so new computers have to be purchased.

I'm on to your ploy, Microsoft! I'm almost tempted to do what James says, and buy a Mac.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what may help get this installed? I mean, becides formatting my computer, which is just an entire level of hell all on it's own. While we're at it, my CD burner no longer reads burned CDs or burns CDs. Could this be an issue that's connected? Am I just out of luck? Should I just change into a black outfit and trash Guido now? I really like him though, he's been such a good computer to me.


Computers stink.
They should have typewriter blogs,
So much easier.

James! I shall thwart thee! In game 31, move 3, I choose slot 3.

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