Classes are back in session now. Today went very well. I had HDF245 and Zoology 202, and I went to someone elses math class with them, because deep down I just love being tortured. It's not because I secretly like math, or anything, so get that nasty little thought right out of your head.

Oddly enough I find that getting up at before God even gets out of beddy-bye and driving through ice to make a early morning class is almost worth it, since it means I'm awake in Zoology. Almost. Of course, today was only the first day of the term, so there is lots of time for things to change.

As I was leaving the main campus there was a car accident. It was an accident in the parking lot, which in Accident Land is probably on the more stupid end of the accident scale. I've decided it happened for two reasons. One: because the college hasn't opened the other parking lots for overflow parking; and two: people are morons and don't know how to drive. The proof of number two was extremely apparent to me as I watched a police office pull up and assist the accident people, and while he was taking down their statements, a car leaving the parking lot sideswiped a different car not ten feet away.

See? Morons. If you're going to get in an accident, at least do it somewhere fresh and exciting. Don't do it in front of an already existing accident scene where a cop is standing right there watching you drive like you got your license out of a Cracker Jack box. This is why I don't drive. Those people, they scare me.

And without further adieu, THotD:

Yo-Ho-Ho! Nap Time.
I think maybe that I'll nap,
Until my bed time.

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