Yikes. What a week. I finally got everything of mine moved. I hate moving. I've moved six times in the last nine years, and have never completely unpacked my boxes at any place I've lived. I'm going to this time though, or I'm going to throw it all away. I've decided that anything that can sit in a box unmissed for nine years may not be worth having at all.

The living room, dining room and kitchen are set up (sans stuff that goes on the walls) and I've almost got my bathroom done. Well, I would if I'd unpack the boxes sitting in there. I haven't even touched my bedroom, that's where 90% of my unpacked boxes are still hanging out. I am a little mad at my bedroom, because it wouldn't let my computer desk through the door, so now Guido is in the living room. Remind me to post pictures as soon as all the evidence of the cyclone is gone.

I haven't posted because I've not had internet access. I ordered it last week but it didn't get installed until today. Because anticipation makes it better, or some garbage. Then, they showed up an hour late and gave me a modem that was completely shot and an Ethernet cable that had been chewed on by a dog. I mean, wow. I gave them nearly one hundred bucks but I never dreamed of having something so fabulous like a chewed on cable given back to me. I wanted to keep it, and cherish it forever, but I decided that a working modem was better in the long run so I called them back and nicely asked for a different one.

I got a brand new one, still in the plastic. Score.

Everything seems to be working peachy now. I've got basic cable too. What is on that is any good on tonight? Anyone know? Anyone? Wait! Lost is on tonight! Fantastic, I'll finally get to watch it on TV for once. I've been downloading them like a sneaky pirate because I didn't have cable before and ABC didn't come in right. Of course, I'll be completely um...lost...because I've missed the last two episodes.


Moving is stinky.
No more moving for me ever.
I will just stay here.

In game 31, move 7, I choose slot 6.

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