Service Pack 2 screwed me, and not only did it not use protection, it wasn't even any good.

I went to install SP2 and my computer locked up. So, upon restart I was thrown into a nightmarish loop of Guido restarting himself over and over again. Guido wouldn't listen to me, I couldn't even get into safe mode, so I was forced to call Fred in a panic to get him to help me. Finally we ended up installing over the current version of XP so I could get back into the computer.

The word 'format' was mentioned in hush tones more then once. I know it's serious when someone actually has the gall even suggest formatting Guido. Luckily, I got everything back, and Fred and his fantastic Richard helped me fix the only problem I've found so far, my internet connection. The stupid thing wouldn't recognize the signal, but it's all good now.

All my old settings for things like log-in screens, and updates from Microsoft are gone, but I'm now really wary about installing anything from Microsoft. That was just too close of a call for my comfort. They're lucky I'm not a vindictive person, or I'd do something really nasty to them. I don't know what, but it would be really really mean.

Fred's on the phone with me now demanding a restart to "Just make sure". If I don't come back, it's because Guido finally bit the big one and even Fred and Richie couldn't fix it. Keep your fingers crossed, and in the mean time In game 31, move 5, I choose slot 2.

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