So my grandmother decided that since I was moving (which by the way I was told I was very rude for doing so) that she was going to move as well. The apartment she has now is much bigger and brighter then her old one. Oh, and the roof isn't caving in, and that's a big plus in my eyes.

Her new apartment though has one little problem. Her hot water smells like sulfur-laden poo. It's bad. It's so bad her whole place now smells like someone ate some turned eggs and didn't quite make it to the potty on time. After contacting the management company about it, she was told to just let the water run for a while, and the smell would go away.

My question to you all out there is, is there any sort of danger you could be in from drinking that water? I'm assuming the smell is from hot water that has either sat in the water heater and became stagnant because they didn't drain it, or that there is something wrong in the water heater itself that's causing the smell. Does anyone know? Is she just fine running it until the smell goes away, or will it be a recurring problem since she doesn't use that much hot water often? I love my Grams, I don't want her to grow an extra set of arms from being exposed to scary poo water. Even if it means she could finish sewing stuff for me faster.


Ethernet Cable.
Stupidly expensive stuff.
Bandwidth is halved now.

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