Once again I have defaulted in my posting responsibilities, and I don't blame you in the least if you stop reading my blog. Of course, there are only five of you who do read this thing, and three of you are figments of my imagination. Unfortunately, I've posted so infrequently that even my figments have stopped reading. I guess that means no blog awards for me. Damnit.

Now you probably want to know why I haven't been posting. Alright, so I suppose you don't really want to know, but hey, it's my blog, right? My non-posting hasn't been because of moving, or because of homework, or because I've been unpacking boxes, oh no. Although those are all factors of my lazypostingness, they're not the core problem. The real reason is because I've finally given into my obsessive fangirl ways and have been nurturing my deep, dark, immature, and very shameful TV crush.

And in typical fangirl style: Like, ohmigod, Naveen Andrews is, like, so freakin' hot.

Alright, that was even scary to me, but it's true. For those of you who might not know because you live under a rock, Naveen Andrews is the actor who plays Sayid on Lost. Sayid is the totally yummy Iraqi who not only looks good in a tank top (oh, and wet), but can do long division in his head. That alone wins me over.

Lost is the fantastic series on ABC about plane crash survivors, it is also the only thing I actually look forward to watching since the rat 'turds at Showtime canceled Dead Like Me. I watch it because of the plot, not because of the pretty, pretty men. Honest. Kelly, who shares my odd, almost stalkeresc crush, says I should use the above picture in a layout. Is that going too far?

I'm completely bummed that this week is a repeat, but it's ok, since this episode has a lot of Sayid in it a good plot.

Now that I feel significantly fangirlish and oddly ashamed, I'm going to go do something productive. Um...it won't involve fanfiction, I promise.


So many meetings.
I've missed almost every one.
Because I forgot.

In game 31, move 9, I choose slot 3.

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