Tomorrow is the Secret Santa for the YCC. I scheduled it for this week because I figured that three weeks was more then enough time for the kids to forget they have to buy someone a present and then come looking guilty to the class, or not coming at all, so I have to rush around and find cover presents for everyone.

I got some coloring books, puzzles, crayons and colored pencils. This is what happens when you make the person-who-corrects-you-when-you-call-her-teacher buy the presents. Everyone ends up with school supplies. That'll teach them.

Hopefully nobody did forget, however. Nothing is worse then showing up to something with a shiny face full of joy because you're getting a present, and the person who picked you didn't buy you one because they suck forgot. That, my friends, is far more scarring then my jokes about selling children to gypsies for stew could ever be.

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