On Thursday I was stricken by Chinese food that - although tasting fantastic - made me completely sick. Hence the vomiting in public post. Nothing is worse then throwing up in the Post Office parking lot in front of lots of jolly holiday people shipping off presents to far-away lands. It's really not a tradition I'd like to keep.

Yesterday I pinched my sciatic nerve, probably from all projectile vomiting I did. I don't mean to overshare, but at one point I really think I broke a world record. Anyway, this thing, it's killing me. Nothing is worse then not being able to stand/sit/lie because of shooting and throbbing back pain. I have to go to a Christmas Party tonight and I'm thinking that maybe it's time to give up my lifelong abhorrence to alcohol and swipe me some festive holiday rum. I betcha I'm a hoot when I'm drunk. I'll let you know when I get back.

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