Figments! Did you miss me? I missed you! I have lots and lots to post about, so it's time to get started. How was your weekend, first of all. Yes, I know it's Wednesday, but we can pretend like it's Monday can't we? Did you all behave yourselves while I was gone?

Sadly, I have some rather disturbing news. I came home late Sunday evening to find that my house had been broken into. I was completely devastated. It was broken into and the vandals that did it left these all over my house:

Can you believe it? Someone broke into my home and left those frogs strung out all over. I even found one on my kitchen floor! I laughed so hard, it was probably one of the coolest surprises to come home to ever. I would have jumped up and down but I was so completely beat from not getting any sleep over the weekend.

The retreat was awesome, we made it to the cabin about 4:30 after stopping for lunch and dealing with traffic. It's so pretty up there.

Ignore Cory the picture. I'm sure he doesn't mind if I post his backside all over the internet. Terra and I shared a room, which was the biggest one with a private balcony that we utilized in our conversation that lasted until 6:30 AM on Saturday morning.

As you can see, Terra was super stoked about it. I thought it was great. We had the best room in the cabin in my opinion. I also think all the guys should have slept outside, but I wasn't going to be that mean.

We got quite a bit done, except for sleeping that is. I think I had about five hours of sleep total total from Wednesday until Sunday. I came home Sunday night and crashed on my couch. I fell asleep about six and didn't wake up until eight the next morning. I thought at first I had been kidnapped because I couldn't figure out where I was...but now that I think about it, that's no different then normal.

I had a really good time, and not only did we get a lot of PTK work done, we got a bunch of bonding done (bonding is important, unless you're bonding your fingers together, that's bad) and I felt like I got a break from a lot of the stuff that's frazzling my mind lately, which I needed.

It's always good to be home, though. I missed my apartment, vandals and all.


I got a new grill!
Brown char lines on all food now.
Because I can, yo.

Technically, they didn't break in because they have a key, but it's not nearly as fun saying that.

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