One Word time.

Today's Word: Own

He stared at the dingy brown plaid fabric covering the seat in front of him, and shifted his weight trying to find a more comfortable position in the cramped little airplane seat. He glanced down at his watch, trying to see the time through the cobwebbed broken glass of the face. They had been in the air over the ocean for nearly two hours now. He was just beginning to relax the tense, sore muscles in his shoulders and neck. Stretching them was like pulling out needles that had been long since lodged in tissue and let to fester. It hurt, but it felt oddly good too, confirmation of still being alive. The muscles he could relax, but he still couldn't shake the habit of glancing around the plane and mentally marking the other passengers positions. He was on his own; he knew that, it was just so hard to break yourself of compulsive little habits that give you a small measure of order formed in such chaos.

If I hadn't written it, I wouldn't think it was that possible to write that much in a minute. Oddly enough, a very fun little story is beginning to develop from these words. I want to avoid the habit of writing my words off a plot though, because that forces me to conform the word into what I want, rather then writing whatever comes to mind from the word. If it stays being this easy then I'll keep with the poor man in the coat, but if it doesn't, then...I won't. Yeah.

As always, give it a shot, and leave me a comment.

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