I've had company for the last four days (hence no posting!), and it's nice to finally have my apartment to myself again, even though company is always fun. I enjoy having friends and hanging out, but I refuse to give up living alone over my dead, bloated and puss-oozing body. I need my own space too badly to share it, I guess I'm just selfish like that.

Now that everything is back to normal I've got tons of work that piled up, including a clients tower that is sitting in my dining room needing to be looked at. I, however, think I may be really naughty and put it off in favor of a bottle of peach iced tea (brewed by yours truly, with brown sugar instead of normal sugar because I like it that way better, it's...mellower?) and Black House, which I finally got my sticky little hands on (I'm slow when it comes to books lately) but haven't read yet. My house is very nice and cool compared to outside, and reading on my couch instead of working is very, very tempting.

I also need to clean out my refrigerator. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that one is being bumped to the very bottom of the list. Over, and over...and over. I hate cleaning out the fridge, I'm always afraid something I've neglected for months has grown sentient and is plotting against me in the deep, dark depths of the crisper.

Still time to donate for the Blogathon. C'mon. A buck, it's all I ask. We've got $1214 left to hit our goal, and I can't do it without you, you cute little 'umpkin you.


Serene quietness.
I love having my own place,
Even fridge duty.

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