I got sentenced summoned for Jury Duty yesterday. I really can't fathom why in the world the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon wants me to serve so very badly. They've sentenced summoned me every year for the past five years, however, I've never once actually served as a juror. You'd think that would give them a clue to stop sending me those postage paid postcards in the mail?

Personally, I'm torn with the whole Jury Duty thing. On one had, it would be fun to be able to say, "Hey yeah, I was on such-and-such trial. You know the one about the guy who sued the other guy because a branch fell over his side of the fence?". I mean man, can you just feel the excitement in the air during that conversation? It's enough to make a girl wet herself.

On the other hand, a more serious one, I am not a judgmental person, and I honestly do not believe that I have the right to sit in some little box and pass judgment on someone else. I am just highly uncomfortable with the whole process. I don't want to do someone I don't even know wrong, and I don't want to make a choice that will have people angry - even though I know in this situation you can't please everyone, it just doesn't work.

Oh well, I guess I'll send the card in and then wear a tin foil hat and quote scripture during the Voir Dire, that'll get me out of it.

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