I added Radio.Blog to IBOM. You can find it on the sidebar underneath Tropical Tunes. If you've never seen Radio.Blog before, it's pretty swanky. It's a jukebox type program that lets you stream music on your site. It's spiffy, and it's an EXTREMELY easy install, all you do is upload the files, convert MP3s to rbs files (takes about 30 seconds an mp3, give or take), tweak the skin to look like you want, and call it to your website. It's gravy, yo.

What's in there right now? Mostly J-Pop and Anime tunes in honor of the upcoming Blogathon, and a few fun songs that I just really like that aren't Anime or J-Pop related. Give it a whirl, don't call the RIAA on me, and lemme know what you think, yeah?

My only suggestion: "zap" the songs before listening to them to pre-load them so it doesn't pop if you close the browser or whatever. Also, you can 'Pop-up' a player and take it along with you if you want to close my blog...but you don't want to close my blog do you? Right? Do you? Hey...where are you going? Geesh.

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