Well Figments, it's that time again. Summer means Blogathon, and once again I will be participating in the 24-hour hate-your-computer-until-your-eyes-bleed posting extravaganza.

For those of you unaware, the Blogathon is an on-line charity event where people post one blog post per 30 minutes for 24 hours and raise money through sponsors for their chosen charity. Over the last few years we've had thousands of participants and raised thousands of dollars for charities across the US and the world.

This Blogathon will be (including Project Blog last year in lieu of the Blogathon which was on hiatus) my fourth, if you can believe it. I am a sucker for punishment, aren't I? This years Blogathon will take place on August 6th starting at 6 AM. God isn't even up that early, but you do what you have ta to help out others, right?

I will be blogging for Doernbecher Children's Hospital at Oregon Health and Sciences University in honor of Melissa, the six-year-old in my YCC who passed away. Doernbecher is where she was treated, and they took care of all her hospital bills while she was in and out for most of her short life. I feel like this is a way I can give to honor her, and to help out an amazing service to sick children.

I will be blogging with two other people: Prana of Blessed Blogger, and Sean of Chemical Shift. They will both be blogging for the same cause as I am. We will be blogging right here, and this totally cute site designed by Prana for the event. Bookmark it! Don't worry though, I'll post a link to the blog the day of the event, if you want to stop by and say howdy, or point and laugh, which ever makes you happy.

We've got some pretty wicked fun stuff planned for this year. Each of us are doing a theme and giving away prizes based on those themes. I am, once again, doing 24 hours of Anime. I am a total geek, what can I say?

I will be watching the first five episodes of 11 different series picked at random (thanks to Anime-Suki) for a total of 55 episodes, and then posting reviews of them. I will also have guest reviewers, tons of prizes (including anime themed prizes, backgrounds, wallpapers, and layouts), a free music download every 30 minutes (shhh, don't snitch me to the RIAA), and maybe even a live webcast of a Dance Dance Revolution Tourney with bets and prizes on who wins. If I can get the poor suckers keeping me company to do it.

I will be posting my watching schedule this week, so if you want to watch along with me, and maybe even do a guest review, you are more then welcome!

Sign-ups for sponsors are not available yet (technical difficulties have really pushed things to the edge this year. Hopefully it all works out and we don't have to back out) but they will be soon, and I really want sponsors, so even if you can sponsor a buck, or five, or ten, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be posting sponsor information as soon as I have it. Which should be within the next five days. I will be posting the group blog information as well as what anime I'm watching and what prizes I'm giving away before the weekend is over.

Please, please please give heavy consideration to sponsoring us. All it takes is a few dollars to support a program that does wonders for sick children, especially for those sick children who's families can't support their extreme health care needs. Help me make this memorial to Melissa an unforgettable one. I promise you, you won't regret it.

Failing that: if you don't sponsor me, Baby Jesus will cry, and you don't want that to happen, do you?


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