I'm hot, it's made me cranky. I'll try not to be cranky in my post though.


Laura is doing fine, she's probably going to be home today or tomorrow. Hopefully today, because I know she's sick of the hospital.

Lane is fine, she hasn't fainted since Tuesday but she came pretty close yesterday walking through the ICU. Hospitals really overwhelm her. When we were sitting in the ICU/CCU waiting room someone went by pushing a person on a gurney, and Lane looked like she'd been smacked. Poor Lanie. She's sleeping right now. She crashed at my house last night.

I'm alive. I've had a bunch of stuff going on lately and it's frazzled me. The heat has got it so sleep is pretty much non-existent. I'm tired. Normally when I'm tired I'm goofy, but combined with the fact that my house gets up to about 120-10,000 degrees in the afternoon makes me all sorts of just blah. I am, as they say, no fun at all.

Oh well, I probably wasn't very much fun to begin with anyway.


Today is Thursday.
How did it get to be so?
It was just Monday.

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