I was trying to open a package of Louis Rich Carving Board Grilled Chicken from hell and it was being insanely stubborn. I couldn't get it past the seal under the zip that reseals the package, and as I finally got frustrated and reached for a knife, the package came flying open and I punched myself in the jaw.

Yeah yeah, yuck it up chuckles.

What's even worse, is this isn't the first time I've whapped myself in the face, nor is it the first time I've posted about it. I really am pathetic, aren't I?

Because of this, I think not only should you kiss it and make it better, you should also sponsor me in the Blogathon. That'll make me feel better! Also, what is suitable torture for a package of chicken that hits you while you're trying to get at it's sweet chickeny goodness? Stew? Stir-fry? Salad?

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