I'm going down to visit Prana in California at the end of August while her husband is out of town on business. Stop humming inappropriate theme music, it's not that kind of visit.

I'm so freaking excited. We plan on doing all sorts of silly girlfriend hanging out type stuff, like visit strip clubs and try and find alien crash sites in the desert.

My worry is not spending a week or so with Prana, oh no, not that. It's the flight down there. As much as I love traveling, flying always makes me a little nervous. It's the whole knowing only a thin sheet of metal is between you and certain death thing.

I'm hoping I can pick up a new client in between then and now to get up some extra money to take with me. Anyone want a layout for their blog done? I'm extremely reasonable and I'll only stalk you a little bit.


Want a postycard?
Give me your address, okay?
I won't stalk, promise.

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