For those of you, who are like me, and would be too lazy to click on the info link for Nightfall (the soon-to-be NaNo novel) here's the blurb.

Michael Cole just moved his family from their trendy suburb of Boston halfway across the globe to the sleepy little village of Haros Glen in Wales. The head of a new project running in the nearby city by Lupear Industries, Michael Cole couldn't be more ecstatic, Haros Glen is a dream. Safe, peaceful and welcoming, the town is the picture of a perfect place for a widower to raise two growing daughters. Lupear Industries even bought his family a house, a gorgeous estate once owned by a local Baron, called Woodsparrow. All the pieces have landed perfectly, and Michael Cole knows that life will be much better for them all.

Fifteen year old Sarah Cole isn't so sure.

Dragged away from the country she was born in and from her lifelong friends with her younger sister Ronnie in tow, Sarah tries her best to paste on a smile and be positive, but there is something weird about this place that she just can't shake.

There is something odd about the crumbling old house with its mazes of rooms and huge stone structures embedded in the cellar walls. There is something off about the too-quant village and its residents that seem too eager to please. There is something about the way it all looks, about the way it all smells, something about the way it all makes the skin of Sarah's arm prickle. Something isn't right, and that something is out to get her.

Yes, I thought the italics would take away from the crummyness of the thing.

Of course, the idea itself is much better then written here. It struck actually over a year ago and was going to be an IF game (and will be someday, because it will make a very, very good one) but I thought it would also do well as my NaNo novel. Especially since the only writing I've done on the story itself is plot notes, everything else was programming for the game, and that doesn't count since it's not writing on the story. I could be way wrong though, but if I am don't tell me, because I have no idea what else to write about. You wouldn't want to make me have to actually use my brain to think up something else, would you?

I'm going to try hard to put some things in it that would keep people like me (that is, people who read far too many of these books) engaged in the story. I also think I'm going to change the younger sisters name to something else, because every time I type it, I type it wrong.

Yay! Yay for silly horror plots! Yay for over dramatic info blurb thingies! Yay for writing 50,000 words of crap in a month! Yay for posting this post insted of working! YAY!

Alright, I'm done. I promise not to post anymore crap today. Now if you'll exscuse me, I've got rolls rising that need to be put in the oven soon.

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