I'm working with SMART this year. SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) is a program that has volunteers who read one-on-one with two gradeschool children for a half hour each week during the school year. SMART also gives away books to children so that they can take them home and read them with their families. I was assigned to Weddle (That's pronounced 'Widell' not 'Weedle' but I say weedle because it sounds funnier, even though it makes people mad) which is the grade school right across the street from my younger brothers middle school.

The program starts the 11th of October, and I have a kick-off orientation thing the 5th. I'm very much looking forward to working with this program. I think they do really great things, it's fantastical.

Other news...I can't find my birth certificate or my social security card, and I need them to fill out the student employment paperwork, which is due very soon. Very soon as in last Wednesday. I really don't want to drive all the way to Portland to get a new birth certificate, but I don't want to order one and have to pay disgusting shipping (23 bucks!) to have it shipped overnight either.

I say they should just give me one, I'm already born, and have had a certificate proving so for years, so why charge me again? If I don't have one it's not like they can put me back or anything. Then again, if I can find them, then it means I don't really exist, and therefore don't have to pay any bills. Yeah, I like the sound of that. I take it back, I don't want a new one. From here on in, you never saw me `cause I was never born. Got it? Good.

A haiku:

Buurcratic crap.
Hey! We don't need no stinkin'
Birth Certificates!

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