NARAL sent me a voter registration form, which I thought was pretty cool of them, even if I'm already registered.

I've been pretty impressed (and amused) by where I'm seeing encouragement for people to vote. Everywhere from department store windows craftily disguised as advertisements, to the ending segment of Zoom, where they told their viewers to tell their parents to vote.

I think it's a very very good thing, voting is extremely important, not just in this race (but...moreso in a way) but in everything, even moronic local measures that you think are a waste of paper. (I promise to post more about that later) Plus, the more people hear that they need to vote from the back of their cereal boxes and their crazy purple haired Aunt Mabel, the more annoyed they'll be with it and do it just to get everyone off their back. Sounds good to me! So, don't forget to vote, or I'll send Guido and One-Eyed Ralph after you and those pretty little kneecaps of yours.

Still loving Firefox...even if it's completely messed up IBOM.

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