I still can't find my social security card or my birth certificate, still. I'm down to pulling boxes out of the attic to see if I put them in there by accident. Maybe someone stole my identity! Why anyone would want to be me is beyond, well, me, but you never know.

It's looking more and more like I'll have to drive all the way to Portland and pick one up. That's how I want to spend my day, driving to Portland to go in and take fifteen minutes to get a new Birth Certificate (because you can't get a new social security card without one. It'll be my third new social security card. Don't ask)This is seriously crappy. You know what's worse? I'll go get one and then find one or the other in some box somewhere. Yeah, that's how it goes.

But, I did find a couple work study jobs I'm going to interview for. One is in the library (yay library!) restocking shelves, the other is doing scheduling for the Testing Center. Both sounded like they wouldn't drive me completely crazy, or make me do anything scary, like weld. There was one for tutoring WR121 students, but I thought about it and then decided nobody wants me for a tutor, so it's better if I just shelve books.

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