Halloween is fast approaching, so I've been doing planning for the YCC Halloween Party. I, being the rebel I am, named it Halloween instead of Harvest, because that really chapped my cute little hide.

This thing is going to be roughly three hours long. Two for the party and one for the YCC Store, which opens on Halloween. (Which reminds me, if you're in my area and are free from 10 - 1 on Halloween I need clerks to run the store. I can't pay you, but I can adore you forever!) The first hour is going to be for games and contests and other nonsense in which more dollars can be won. This'll give some of the kids who's Buckalopes (the envelopes they put their dollars in...is that clever or what? I can't take credit for it though, a three year old made it up. I have envy.) are really pathetic looking. I want to get it so everyone there has at least over $50 to spend.

I thought the second hour or so would be good for watching a movie and eating junk. So, I'm on the prowl for Halloweenesc movies. I want suggestions. Good suggestions please! None of this 'Barney's Spooky Halloween' or 'A Little House On The Prairie Halloween' stuff. I want good movies that are scary but aren't scary and would appeal to all the kids, which vary in age from 3 - 17.

I was thinking some older movies that the kids might not have ever seen would be good. Gremlins, Teenwolf, Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors. I don't suppose I'd get away with the last one, even though it's a good movie. I've had 'Somewhere That's Green' stuck in my head all day. You also would think everyone has seen those, but you'd be shocked at what kids today haven't seen. It's a tragedy.

The Witches and Hocus Pocus were also suggested. Of course, we could always go with Purple People Eater, that's a horrible but fun movie.

Nix on Nightmare Before Christmas, since we watched that last Halloween. It's/Halloween Is Grinch Night is a good one, but I just don't think the kids would be all that interested in it. Which is a shame, because the Grinch totally rocks my sockies. The Lady in White was one of my favorites when I was a kid, and there is always the non-Halloween but super Return to Oz.

The Abbot and Costello movies are funny, but again, would the kids like them? Spirited Away isn't Halloween, but was amazing, and I'm pretty sure none of the kids in my class have seen it yet. I love it, if you haven't seen it you should.

Ok, so, give me your suggestions, and while you're at it, give me your suggestions for all your favorite horror movies. I'm thinking I might have myself an all night marathon, you can come over if you want.

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