I am now officially (according to the admissions office at least) a dual-major student. That's right, I being the overacheaver I am decided that one wasn't hard enough, I had to go for two. Biology and Early Childhood Education. Impressed, aintcha?

So this means by the time I finally leave CCC (sometime in the next thirty years) I will have three degrees. Cool, hu? I'll transfer to OSU on time to finish my bachelors, and just stay dual enrolled at CCC so I can finish the other degree (the third is just because I can, and only requires 12 extra credits, 95% of which I get for the first degree, so I figured why not). It'll take three years instead of two (roughly 12 terms instead of 8 depending on how I split up classes) but I need it for PST, and it's always fun to string extra letters behind your name and act all pretentious.

Luckily, credits for the second degree will work as electives for the first, so it won't take me any longer on the first. Huzzah.

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Hail! Great King Loathing!
I adore your silliness,
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