I'm taking classes before actual term starts, and one of those classes was today. I don't know who's idea it really was to have you on campus by 7:45 for a College Finances class, but I really think they're pretty cruel and inhumane. I ran very late this morning. I didn't get out of bed until 6:45! Usually I try to be up about 4:30 so I can walk and get everything else done before I start working, but it's a struggle. I really, really like sleep. I felt sort of like I did way back in high school, where you're brushing your teeth while you wash your hair in the shower because you have to catch the bus even though it's still dark outside. I definitely don't miss that.

I'm not used to early morning rushing around really, because since I work for myself, I can actually eat breakfast in my P.J's while I sit in my office and answer calls if I want to. Heck, I could sit in here naked. I don't, of course, but I could. I absolutely don't schedule before 8 A.M. meetings because it's just not right. Even God isn't up before 9 in the morning, it's a proven fact.

I still haven't found my birth certificate. I'm holding off for as long as possible to find it before I go buy a new one, but if I don't find it today that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.

A haiku:

Bad credit problems?
Freeze your credit card in ice,
and don't touch the thing.

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