I'm developing a new courseline for PST. It doesn't have a name yet, but it'll probably be something hokey when I finally pick one. It's going to be a really bare bones curriculum guide series. It won't be curriculum in the sense that it plots out your entire months classroom activities, but it will give you a huge amount of resources and ideas on individual topics that will allow you to create your own curriculum that works with your program. And the masses rejoiced.

One big complaint from Providers we get is that they only have certain days, or sometimes even one day a week that they can do a real project or implement a program, and they find most pre-structured curriculums aren't accommodating enough, or are too expensive to only use once a week. This way, they can take all the ideas for projects, and whatnot, and implement them however they think will work best for them, but don't have to pay for any extras, like craft supplies, that won't be used.

I won't be able to start it until nearly November, because I'm backed up with courses written by other people that need to be edited. Actually, I'm looking for someone who's interested in editing courses for, oh say, my eternal gratitude? I'm about ten behind at this point. It's not because I don't do them, it's just because not only do I edit (which includes fixing any grammar errors like a normal editor, but also adding information that I think is relevant to the course) the course itself, but I also edit it for the web and it's PDF and mail order counterparts, and do all the header graphics for the course pages itself. It gets pretty time consuming, plus, there is only so long a sane person can read about head lice or green mucus.

See? Aren't I a good slave? I should be done with the bulk of my slacker backed up work before I go back to school. Then I can get started on these new courses.

The first one is going to be on oral care. No, not that kind of oral care. The kind you do with toothbrushes and dental floss. Pervert. I've already got some awesome resources tracked down for it, like free toothbrushes and coloring books called 'Milk Matters' with Buddy Toothbrush, a smiling happy toothbrush that drinks milk and gets 'bristled' when children drink soda. The thing scared the crap out of me, but the kids like it.

A haiku:

Evil groceries.
Stashed you in my cupboards yet,
nothing good is found.

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