Laura Bush will be visiting my college tomorrow for a Republican Rally. If I wasn't so busy, I might go listen to her spiel, not that I truly want to hear what she has to say. I suppose if I was more into politics I'd go. It is sort of fascinating, even if I don't agree with the majority of (more like 99.9% of) her (or her husbands) standpoints.

My college is more on the liberal end of the college spectrum, which is one reason why her visit surprised me. Plus, we're not a four year, and usually this kinda hullaballo is saved for snooty 'real colleges'. You know, the kind where the students go to live on campus and party while escaping the tyrannical thumb of The Parental Mafia. Us? We're just a place people go to play-act going to college.

Truth be told, I'm more annoyed then anything. They've got the entire building she'll be speaking in closed for the day. Her visit moved classes all around and everything. Damn politics, first they interrupt my shows for stupid blabber and annoying commercials, and now they make me walk all the way across campus to get where I need to go. I should vote for Mickey, he'd never make me walk anywhere.


I have a blister.
It is on my little toe,
and it really hurts.

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