I have a mandatory (or, I should say MANDATORY, since that's how it's been typed on everything I've gotten about it) orientation today from 10 to 3. It wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't outside. Outside wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't raining. I don't know if it will be raining by 10, but I'm willing to bet money and my left lung that it will be.

I don't mind that it's MANDATORY, or going. I just don't want to stand outside for six hours and come home wetter then...well nevermind, that was a bad joke anyway. I don't fancy ending up on my death bed with bronchitis and hacking up major organs, like a certain someone else I know. Really. It's unseemly.

A haiku:

Enjoy the quiet.
I am still looking forward,
To squish bat guano!*

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*Totally swiped from Fred, who had it as his away message the other day in homage to KoL.

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