As promised, the pictures of my fantastical bathroom and my new fishy friend Spencer. Yeah, I know you were waiting with baited breath.


The bathroom:

The bathroom again:

The mirror and sink:

Matching handtowels, I don't kid with this stuff:

Cute soap dish:

The potty!:


Duckies in my shower, there is a matching bathmat in the shower too:

Cute hu? All that is left is putting up the wallpaper (any volunteers?) and putting up the shower curtain. I really don't like glass doors, so I'm covering them with a pretty curtain. Yes, it has ducks on it. I'm going to get a nice wooden rod to put across the little alcove where the shower is, and drape it up high, and then just pull it back when the shower is being used.

I'm also framing this picture and putting it in my bathroom, and getting a set of cute wooden shelves to keep my rubber ducky collection on. Then my obsessive-compulsive masterpeice will be complete!

Here is one of Spencer, no his inside of the bowl isn't that dirty, the outside is just smudgy. It's an older bowl and I couldn't get the stuff off the outside, I need to get some bowl cleaner.

Spiffy, yeah? Yeah. I thought so too.

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