I just got back from a very fun dinner party at a friend of mines in honor of her new house. It was a small little get together, but it was really enjoyable. Especially since I got to hang out with a couple of friends from school, and meet some new people. I like meeting new people, even if I never talk.

The subject was brought up of having a poker night. It is being seriously considered. Gambling is so much more fun then homework. As long as I don't have to bet anything over a penny, I'm so in. High stakes isn't for me. I'm just a poor, sad little college girl who has to eat dry noodles because she can't afford the water to cook them in.

Oh, the Planetarium show was spiffy. I highly encourage anyone in the area to go check it out. The same show plays next Friday, and then they're switching shows to a new one about Lewis & Clark using the stars to navigate, or some such. Good stuff, go see it.


Caffeine is my friend.
How I enjoy the bubbles,
And the buzzyness.

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